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I am on a mission to produce more Numb3rs gen fan fiction! So, I'm making a challenge here. To write a GEN story that sends one or more Numb3rs characters to an amusement park, theme park, county fair, church bazaar, whatever strikes your fancy! It can be set in a real place (like Disneyland), at a real event (such as The Los Angeles County Fair) or something you make up. The characters can be there for any of a number of reasons: to have fun, to solve a crime, to help design a ride, to pick up some extra cash, because they're being held captive or some reason you think up!

Can be set in the present, past or even the future!

How to submit:
Post to this comm (under LJ cuts)
Post a link to where your story is.

Rulez: (Hey, there has to be rulez or it's not a challenge, right?)

Length: must be over 400 words.
Rating: Let's keep it under NC-17, okay?
Deadline for submissions: May 31, 2012
Numb3rs, Charlie

Personal Drama

Title: Personal Drama
Author: ladygray99
Rating: PG13
Characters/Pairings: Don/OFC, Charlie/OFC
Word count: 638
Warnings/Spoilers: Drug Use, Talk of underage sex
Summary: Don finds Charlie where he really shouldn’t be.
Notes: This is sort of a follow up to a little drabble I did called Hawks and Handsaws . It features HighSchool!DonandCharlie. Wouldn’t mind a little feedback.
Beta: none

(Personal Drama)
Don smile


Title: Anesthetic
Characters/Pairing: Don/Liz
Rating: PG-13 for innuendo
Word Count: 140
Spoilers/Warnings: No spoilers, and I already warned for the pairing. :)
Author's Notes: when characters give you entertaining dialogue out of the blue, what can you do but roll with it?

Summary: Don had meant to be reassuring.