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In the park with a barista and pancakes on the side

Title: In the park with a barista and pancakes on the side
Pairing/Characters: Larry/Megan, Charlie/Amita
Rating: PG
Summary: Megan drops by for a visit.
Word Count: 659
Spoilers: None
A/N: I was trying for schmoop, hope you like it!

It was a typical September day in Southern California… too hot, too smoggy, but the sun was shining and the birds were tweeting (with their voices) and the students were tweeting (via their cell phones).

Teachers were doing their part to raise money for the Associate Student Body. Teachers were barbecuing hamburgers and hot dogs, and serving up ice cream cones to the masses.

“Saturday, in the park! I think it was the Fourth of July!” sang Larry Fleinhardt.

“Actually, it’s September,” Megan Reeves murmured to him. “And Labor Day was weeks ago.”

Larry rolled his eyes. “Megan, my sweet, you’ve been hanging around my protégée too much.”

Megan laughed. “Not enough, actually,” she said. “I still need him to help with that steganography thing.”

Larry sighed again. “And then, you’re off again,” he said. “Like Halley’s Comet, off to the far reaches of the galaxy…”

“Only to Boston,” Megan corrected. “And only temporarily.”

Before Larry could respond, they came across the first possible clue to their ultimate target.

“Amita!” Larry said happily. “Have you seen your husband around?”

“Frequently, but not recently,” Amita said. Then she saw who was standing next to him and squealed. “Megan!”

The two women threw their arms around each other and hugged and jumped up and down with many happy squeals.

“Hey! A little service here?” a tall, lanky and annoyed student demanded.

Amita jumped. “Oops, sorry!” She rushed over to take the student’s order.

“Wow,” Megan said as she watched Amita dexterously pull the drink and even make a little heart with the froth. “Where did you learn to do that?”

“Hey! A little less chatting with your friends!” sneered the student.

“Hey, a little more respect for my wife,” Charlie’s voice came from behind.

The student turned around and started to sneer. But he changed his mind quickly when he realized that he still needed that ‘A’ in Advanced Game Theory.

“Um,” he said.

Charlie narrowed his eyes. Then he held out the plate of pancakes and scrambled eggs he was carrying. “Just because we’re waiting on you today, doesn’t mean that we’re completely without ways to make you sorry.” He looked over at Megan. “Isn’t that right, Agent Reeves?”

The student looked at Megan and obviously recognized her. His eyes went wide and he mumbled something as he grabbed his pancakes and his latte and moved away quickly.

Megan smiled wryly. “You do realize that I’m not a Fed anymore?” she asked.

“Really?” Charlie asked. “Then why am I looking into hidden images then?”

“Because the information that I’m looking for may be a clue to determine if my patient is telling the truth about why she stabbed her brother,” Megan said. She turned to Amita. “So, you were going to tell me where you learned to do that … coffee thing?”

Amita laughed. “When I was an undergraduate, I earned spending money by working at Starbucks.”

“You realize that I only married you for your mad barista skillz,” Charlie murmured as he watched her pull a mocha cappuccino.

Amita glared at Charlie.

Larry laughed and asked Megan. “Didn’t I hear somebody talk about ways of making miscreants feel unhappy?” he asked her.

Megan gave a shark-like grin. “Why, yes, Professor Fleinhardt, I believe you did!”

Charlie muttered “Traitor!” to Larry. When Megan took a step towards him he threw his hands up. “Okay, okay! I’ll be good. In fact, I’ll be gooder and fetch what I’ve found for you.”

Charlie couldn’t resist giving Larry a sideways look as he added. “Working fast is my best defense because I know the sooner you find what you want, the sooner you’ll leave California.”

Larry winced as Charlie walked off, whistling.

“Men,” Amita said.

“You know, Larry,” Megan said. “You could come with me.”

Larry pulled at his lower lip. “But then I’d need somebody to cover my classes…”

They all laughed as they watched Charlie’s oblivious self strolling across the park.

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